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We raised 30k for the Bellringers from The Mark Twain Middle School in Venice. Read the article by clicking here!

Johnny Irion and Noel Casler have written a new song, World Gone Wrong, in response to the shooting in Ferguson, MO. While the song is available for free, they ask that listeners who download it make a donation to the SPLC.

Video created & directed by Jim Tozzi & Matt Lincoln


After the shooting in Ferguson, Missouri, musicians Johnny Irion and Sarah Lee Guthrie, and Noel Casler turned to their art to express their feelings about the tragedy. The result is a new song: World Gone Wrong. SPLC founder Morris Dees describes World Gone Wrong as “an exquisitely beautiful yet haunting song that calls us to find the collective strength, will, and courage to overcome the growing injustice in our world and forge a better tomorrow.”

The songwriters hope that the song will work as a message of love and serve others to ignite change in light of the tragic events in Ferguson. Instead of selling the song, Irion, Guthrie and Casler are making it available for free, and asking those who download it to make a donation to the SPLC. “We’re honored to help shine a light on the problems we face in these turbulent times through music,” said Casler. “We share the SPLC’s belief that our nation can move toward the promise that all people, regardless of color or economic status, will be afforded equal rights, opportunities and protection under the law.”